Top 5 Most Awaited Gadgets of 2013

Right now you’re probably pretty happy with the available gadgets on the market. Phones can do almost anything, you have shiny and beautiful 7” & 10” tablets with iOS, android & MS WIN os who needs laptop or those bulky PCs now..right !!!

But as long as the hungry tech savvy folks like me are ready to embrace and cherish the new outcomes, there will be no halt for the new ones to make it in to the market.. I’m excited for 2013!!!

Now to get you excited here’s my list of some Most Awaited Gadgets of 2013 in India


5. iPad Mini With Ratina Display

7” inch Tablet market is growing pretty fast. It is pretty safe bait that Apple will refresh their iPad mini by giving the higher resolution in screen, Competition in 7” tablets is fierce and if Apple wants to keep its tablet lead then they really need to make iPad mini something to shout about.This upgraded version provides you with better reading option.


4. Google Glass

The project to develop and deliver augmented reality glasses to the 21st Century “is still in flux” according to the head of Google Glass, Babak Parviz. Developers are still, however, expected to get their hands on 2013’s most anticipated gadget before the end of the year.

This product is cutting edge new tech. If you are thinking that you are addicted to internet now just wait until the Facebook is literally on you face via g-glass!!! Even if thing is prove dud, it’s gonna be interesting entry this year! That’s why everybody is waiting for this thingy.


3. Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S4 & Apple iPhone 5s

Samsung Galaxy s4 (price approx. 44K)

Yet to be release in India but after seeing the product on net everybody is excited about the next major release of Samsung.

Wow! factors: the screen now senses fingers hovering just above the screen, Built in Voice translation, better resolution and battery life than iPhone 5, 2gb RAM

Now, this device has quad-core processor, but there’s no apps really require this thing but good for the future. Look of the phone is plasticky and looks cheap no major design changes.

iPhone 5s,

The new “S” update is expected to bring with it an upgraded HD camera and screen. The battery life will also see an improvement which many iPhone users will hope is substantial and may switch to a new technology system such as touch-on display.

Your pocket may be filled by the next iteration of iPhone as soon as June.


2. Microsoft Surface Pro

When Microsoft launched the Surface RT I really liked its build quality, display. But it has lesser app supported than mac store. (c’mon S/W leader got lesser apps then a hardware company.. Shame) and even Windows media player is not supported by this thing.

BUT the Surface Pro with 10.6” display has risen to the challenge of everything I’ve thrown at it: audio and video editing, writing, entertainment, and yep, even some hardcore gaming. It further distances itself from the tablet market by running on Windows 8 Pro, meaning years of legacy Windows software is at your fingertips.


And the most anticipated products are two actually, but in the same category…

1. Gaming Consoles: XBox 720 & PS4

Gamers (and non-gamers also!) around the world are eagerly waiting for the next installments in Xbox and playstation. And this console war is gonna be epic!


Now PS3 is with us since 2006, and even though sony has slimmed down a little bit it is still do for a serious overhaul. Now PS4 – this is gonna b a quad-core machine with more than 1GB graphic card. Well whatever it is if Sony wants to maintain the lead in hardcore gaming for next few years then they have to throw in everything they’ve got.

XBox 720

This console is the market leader in the segment and so next genreation is bound to be a big deal. Some really high specs and 4 connectors is on the wishlist.

ImageSo, folks these are the some gadgets, for which most of us are excited about and still if you are not then wait for the release and see for yourself.

So many hot toys are up for grabs this year!

Other Gadgets that I have not included in top 5s are

Apple HD iTv, Sony smartphone Odin, Nintendo Wii, Fujitsu Lifebook, Samsung Chronos Laptop

Thanks for reading..Stay tuned for the more interesting stuff

-Yuvraj Zala


Top 5 super smartphones Under 15000

The budget for budget phones has increased now with the constantly rising purchasing power of Indian consumers.

And why not,

Internet Messenger services, Sharing video and pics, Emails, Music downloading, Blogging, Skyping and hell lot of things; now who needs computer for these things.. Really!!

Budget smartphones are a lot better than what they used to be a year ago. Today, you get the combination of a great OS along with good looks and decent power under the hood, giving you a phone with the ability to run almost all the apps from the app store.

Now here are my Top 5 Budget smart phones under 15K that I have selected after doing extensive search!

5. Blackberry Curve 9320 (Price: 14.2K)

Wow! Factors: Nothing really except BBM and new icons..!!! so for BB fanboyz only; others can explore remaining top 4 options

Blackberry’s team has to really move their asses before everthing goes to haywire. (I mean company’s really a sinking ship and Z10 is their last hope)


4. Sony Xperia Sola (14.5K)
Wow! Factors: 1ghz dual core processor, 3.7 inch display


3. Galaxy S advance (14K)
Wow Factor: 1 gb dual core processor, 768 mb ram, dual camera, Android ICS


2. Nokia Lumia 620 (14K)
Wow Factor: 8 GB internal memory, Smooth and promising Microsoft WIN OS


And here’s the winner and highly recommended;

1.Micromax Canvas HD (14.9K)
Wow factors: Freaking 5 inch HD display which is comparable with SII and iphone 4s,
Android ICS, 1gh dual core processor, 8 mp camera and a lot more..


So these are the phones that you can suggest to your friends and family for the given category.

You can check these phones specs at and you can compare it side by side with other phones also, really cool site.

Thanks for reading..

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff

Yuvraj Zala