Top 5 super smartphones Under 15000

The budget for budget phones has increased now with the constantly rising purchasing power of Indian consumers.

And why not,

Internet Messenger services, Sharing video and pics, Emails, Music downloading, Blogging, Skyping and hell lot of things; now who needs computer for these things.. Really!!

Budget smartphones are a lot better than what they used to be a year ago. Today, you get the combination of a great OS along with good looks and decent power under the hood, giving you a phone with the ability to run almost all the apps from the app store.

Now here are my Top 5 Budget smart phones under 15K that I have selected after doing extensive search!

5. Blackberry Curve 9320 (Price: 14.2K)

Wow! Factors: Nothing really except BBM and new icons..!!! so for BB fanboyz only; others can explore remaining top 4 options

Blackberry’s team has to really move their asses before everthing goes to haywire. (I mean company’s really a sinking ship and Z10 is their last hope)


4. Sony Xperia Sola (14.5K)
Wow! Factors: 1ghz dual core processor, 3.7 inch display


3. Galaxy S advance (14K)
Wow Factor: 1 gb dual core processor, 768 mb ram, dual camera, Android ICS


2. Nokia Lumia 620 (14K)
Wow Factor: 8 GB internal memory, Smooth and promising Microsoft WIN OS


And here’s the winner and highly recommended;

1.Micromax Canvas HD (14.9K)
Wow factors: Freaking 5 inch HD display which is comparable with SII and iphone 4s,
Android ICS, 1gh dual core processor, 8 mp camera and a lot more..


So these are the phones that you can suggest to your friends and family for the given category.

You can check these phones specs at and you can compare it side by side with other phones also, really cool site.

Thanks for reading..

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff

Yuvraj Zala


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