How to Embed Facebook Posts in your Website

Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others, Facebook has officially added the option to Embed post a while back. (Facebook is a good follower of Twitter, I must say 😉 )

Facebook now lets you embed not just only text status updates but videos, pictures and all kinds of stuff to your website.

For instance, if a celebrity has shared a photograph on his or her Facebook Page, you can easily embed that image on your website by adding a single line of code. You can embed any content that’s shared on Facebook Pages and personal profiles as long as the content’s visibility is set to general public view.

Facebook enabled this feature in the summer, and offering it initially to only selected big publishers (e.g.  CNN, Mashable and The Huffington Post etc.) but promising a wider rollout in next stages.

Embedded Facebook Posts display just like they do on your Facebook page, including displaying images, videos, hashtags, and text content. Additionally your website visitors have following facilities:

  • Liking or sharing the post – right from your website
  • Liking the Facebook Page (or following the Facebook profile)
  • Visiting the Facebook Page or Profile
  • Adding a comment to the Post
  • Viewing the Post’s comments and shares
  • Embedding the post into their own website or blog.

(Click the drop down next to the “Like Page” or “Follow” button to access the embed code.)

How to Embed Facebook Posts on Your Website or Blog: Follow these 2 simple steps.

1. Go to the post you want to share and Click on the arrow icon that appears in the top right corner of the Facebook post. Then select “Embed Post” from the drop-down menu that appears.


2. A popup box will appear with the code to embed your post. Copy the code at the top of the box and paste it into your web page’s (or blog post’s) HTML code.
Done. Now, you can see the this feature to your website or Blog.

Few Tips:

If you are having trouble embedding a post on your WordPress blog, try adding the code right before you save/publish your post — before switching back to the “Visual” view in WordPress. Because when you switch to the Visual view it can mess up the embedded code.

If you are currently logged into Facebook and using it as a Facebook PAGE (not your profile), you won’t see the embedded Facebook Posts. Do you see a link that says “Switch”? If so, click on it to switch to your Facebook profile – and you will then see the embedded post. If you don’t see that “Switch” link, then go to Facebook and switch to your profile (so you’re using Facebook as your profile and not your page) and then go back to your website and you should see the embedded post now.
Source: Digtialtalkonline

Update: The workaround for embedding Facebook posts in your website is no longer needed as Facebook has officially launched the code generator for embedded posts at


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